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Tired of Human-ing, See You Monday

I had a bad headache yesterday, leaving my head feeling like a bowl of soup today. So this is just to let you know, no blog post today.

Oh, shit.

This is a blog post. Alright. Since I’m here…


What is going on in the world of Edmund J. Asher?

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Hiatus Hiatus

You regret for me to inform you, Dear Reader, that I am ending my unannounced hiatus.

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Megalomania Monday

Welcome, Dear Readers, to the first installment of Megalomania Monday, where the topic will be?

You guessed it!

Koala bears dismantling the human way of life, and quite possibly our bodies, via use of their psychic powers.

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Manifesto Monday

That’s right. Manifesto Monday on a Wednesday. That’s how far behind I am. I could change it to Manifesto Wednesday but that would sound stupid. I’m saving Wednesday for Writing Prompts.

Besides, I like it. Sounds like a D&D ripoff. Manifestos and Mondays. Sounds intimidating. I’d rather face a dragon than a Monday anytime.

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Writing Faux-Pas

Dear Readers, where do I begin?

Let’s start with the new name for my Tales from the Tabletop section! I decided that the previous names I suggested for replacement would leave me in competition with an industry I have no hope of overcoming.

A quick search revealed that pornography has firm real estate within the realm of tabletops, as far as fucking is concerned.

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Inspiration, Infringement, Embarassment, News

Dear Readers,

At least I think “Readers” should still be plural. I’m pretty sure my wife is still reading. Oh well, I’m future proofing.

Anyways, my wife and I were talking on the way back from aforementioned meeting. She said to me, voice dripping with envy to a degree I’m definitely not exaggerating, “Inspiration doesn’t strike me as easily as it does you.”

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Banner and Anthology

Dear Readers,

Please notice that the s is missing a parenthesis. I have a following! As it turns out, my wife has been reading my blog. Myself and my wife, that makes plural. Readers.

Aside from overnight fame, I’ve also put up a banner of my main cast for my upcoming novel.

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Anthology Update

So, Dear Reader(s), blogging is harder than I expected. I’m enjoying it though. I suppose what matters more is that my audience enjoys me. So, at the moment I have 100% audience satisfaction. A benefit to being my only reader.

I have tons of ideas for posts but a majority are for after the release of my first novel. So let’s do a behind the scenes.

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What Genre Does Edmund J. Asher Write?

So, Dear Reader(s), what do I write? I’ll answer this (self-posed) question to give prospective readers a better idea of what to expect from my stories.

I currently have myself listed as a writer of fantasy and science fiction but this hardly says anything. My first novel will be (or is so far) more fantasy-centric, science fiction not taking the front and center.

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Welcome, Dear Readers: And a Message from the Future

An update from the future, one month after starting the blog: Wow, this shit is pretty awful! I’ll leave the post intact for historical purposes.

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