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Goodbye to Gaham: Gaming with Children #2

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When last we left our young… hero… he was beating an unconscious goblin with a stick.

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Welcome to Gaham: Gaming with Children #1

Anyone who has ever ran a tabletop campaign (D&D, Pathfinder, etc.) knows the pains of attempting to manage a group of players. You find out how perfectly unreasonable a group of adults can be. It’s like the sort of chaos that happens if you dump a box of kittens in at the puppy bowl… but the kittens are feral and the puppies are dumb…

I’ve lost track of who the players are in this metaphor. (But the puppy bowl is on today! The day I wrote this. You know something? The puppy bowl seems oddly like a parody. Does anyone know about some other bowl related event they might be referencing?)

But suppose your players aren’t adults. My newfound experience attests, there is a being more difficult to manage than an adult player…

A stock child. A caped kid-sader.
A (stock) child.

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