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Golden Son

For the first of the Write Shit Wednesdays I have hosted here on my blog.

Golden Son

The Aravar family is a laughingstock among the four because of the size of our familiars, though we managed to maintain our holdings. Not sporting to pick on the little guy, I suppose.

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Archer’s Gift

The DrabbleDark Anthology had its Kickstarter cancelled…

(A drabble being a story of exactly 100 words.)

So here you go.

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I Like the Word Drabble

Welcome to another installment in Megalomania Monday!

It’s a new week and drowning in anguish over my novel in progress and what people think of what I do here is a thing of the past… and probably also a thing of next week.

But for now, I have good news! And some bad news that works out as good news for you!

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We Interrupt Your Regular Programming

Is it worth it?

I have days where I’m on top of the fucking world over my writing.

I feel unstoppable because of the sheer amount of shit I accomplish.

Other days, all of it seems so damned hopeless.

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Writing Prompt Wednesday

Writing Prompt Wednesday… kind of bland… It will do for now.

Maybe Write Shit Wednesday… OK. We’ll leave it. Doesn’t mean I have to keep it.

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Procrastination is a Dead Elephant

I’m a writer. Sure I am!

Look how much I’ve written for this shitty blood-stained blog!

I’m definitely a writer. I tell people as much on social media. I tweet the fuck out of that fact. I tweeted my nightmares to Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

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Chronology of Stories from Nyth

For those of you who would like to see my Stories from Nyth in order, here is a list.

I’ll update this each time I write a new story that involves Nyth. Any other stories can found under the category Just Stories.

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Megalomania Monday

Welcome, Dear Readers, to the first installment of Megalomania Monday, where the topic will be?

You guessed it!

Koala bears dismantling the human way of life, and quite possibly our bodies, via use of their psychic powers.

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Dumb Luck – Stories from Nyth

Written for Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Friday: Luck.


Everything always seemed to work out for Luck. He was always so damned… lucky.

I don’t know how the other gods felt about it, but I hated him for it.

When you were Chaos, everything was so… unpredictable. I couldn’t stand not knowing how things would turn out. I wanted control.

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Tidal Wave

We, my mother and I, had just climbed out of our little green Nissan.

We walked into the store. Its layout was unlike any place I had ever been. Not that it was particularly bizarre. Just noteworthy that it was foreign to me. I had expected some semblance of familiarity upon entering.

The walls were filled with things I didn’t recognize. The entire floor was bare except for a large (you could swim in it, though I would rather swim with sharks) wire bin in the middle of the store. Within it existed the only thing in the store I knew. I found no comfort in their familiarity.

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