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Brightburn Review: What If Superman Had Evil Kinks?

So we all know Superman, right? Because if you know Superman, you know the setup for Brightburn. The setup matches Smallville’s to a tee:

A human couple pray for a baby, but nowhere in their prayers did they specify they wanted a “human” baby. So whatever genie granted their wish gives them a space baby, crashing down in his very own spaceship.

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Potential Opening of The Sarimist Loyal

Hello, Dear and Forgiving Readers! (And the Twitter Writing Community who wouldn’t be caught dead reading my blog.)

I need your help!

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Hallelujah: The Elements of Eloquence

Welcome to the fifth installment of BAMusic! (I’m not putting BAMusic! in the title anymore because it’s redundant and hurts SEO.)

Let’s cut straight to it.

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On the Death of the Author and the Birth of You

Why is it that so much of the talk surrounding writing is based in death? Kill your darlings, write what you know (maybe this one is personal), write like your parents are dead…

And now? Write like you are dead…

graveside of author Edmund Asher
I never would have expected a whole one person to show up at my funeral!

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What An Author’s Blog Should Be

Seeing as how I’m starting to flesh out some modicum of a presence on Twitter, I probably need to churn out some useful blog posts (before I’m blacklisted by all you fine folks, never to be clicked again).

All of this begs the question (it doesn’t, I was just looking for a dramatic transition), what should an author of fiction blog about?

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I, Plagiarism: Quoth the Raven #5

I got pissed this morning and wrote up a serious blog post. But writing it made me unpissed, took the wind out of my knickers, so I’m not wasting time typing that up. (At least not today. I’ll wait until it’s a non-issue that the world has moved on from, and then I’ll toss it out there for everyone to see.)

Just know this, I hate YouTube Kids and the internet is poison and nobody should use it. Except for my blog. All of you should read my blog.

With that, let us away on another glorious installment of Quoth the Raven.

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How Juggling Can Make You a Better Writer

Scene: You’re at a circus/carnival, surrounded by circus/carnival sights and sounds. The laughter of children, the rattle of the roller coaster, the ding ding ding of someone stronger than you winning that hammer game, disorienting flashing lights, crowds, and… what’s that? A red nose? Rudolph? No, worse, it’s a clown.

For once, stock art does not disappoint. I’m terrified.

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No Rest for the Wicked: BAMusic #4

Gods, I need some rest but I’m not gonna get any. Why? Because I won’t let myself.

My solemn vow to the none of you reading last week; This week we’d do Cage the Elephant. And I’ll be damned to the lowest levels of hell if I fail you.

So here it is.

*something clever*

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Top Ten Greatest Writers in the History of Forever

Otherwise known as Edmund J. Asher’s top ten favorite authors (an unequivocal opinion). Yes, this is a D20 list. The die has already been cast, because you showed up late, and the die has decided to go traditional. A top ten list.

So here they are, the ten best writers, in no particular order. You can’t ask me to do that.

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Out of the Closet, Into the Woods: Gaming With Children #3

Part One

Part Two

Alright, enough procrastinating. When we last left our decidedly-not-heroes, they were cowering in a closet after the cries of a woman echoed through their small and once peaceful village.

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