My Affiliates

Nice and out of the way, on their very own page. If you want them here they are.


Web Hosting

If you want to start your own website with paid hosting, this is who I’m using. Just click the banner above (so I get paid) and sign up.

I’ve only been doing this whole thing for a little bit now, but I’ve been completely satisfied with SiteGround. If you would rather start up with free hosting for a blog or what have you, is an option. Lots of others too.

┬áThere are a bunch of benefits to paid hosting, like control over your ad content. Which is why I don’t have to have my site plastered with things my readers don’t want. Security, customer service, and having a professional domain name are some factors.

But yeah, it didn’t cost as much as I expected to get started up, and I’m not having any problems. Oh, and if you aren’t satisfied, just get your money back before the guarantee expires and I don’t get paid. So rest assured, if you don’t benefit, neither do I. Exactly how it should be.