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What An Author’s Blog Should Be

Seeing as how I’m starting to flesh out some modicum of a presence on Twitter, I probably need to churn out some useful blog posts (before I’m blacklisted by all you fine folks, never to be clicked again).

All of this begs the question (it doesn’t, I was just looking for a dramatic transition), what should an author of fiction blog about?

As I am a writer, this is, in part, a writing blog. Stories, books, writing tips (even if you have to drown in “humor” to get to them), etcetera.

But books: Book reviews, book hauls, book clubs, books, books, books, writing, writing, writing.

What’s more important than books/writing?


Second on that list is you. Your brand is you. Your blog is you.

Who are you outside of being a writer/reader? Mingle those aspects of yourself with talk of writing. (Example: I’m a sarcastic asshole who enjoys music, movies, and long walks on the beach.)

Be yourself.

Same goes for your interactions on Twitter.



Like me, you may need to learn to scale it back, but be yourself.

Some good role models for how to be yourself: Chuck Wendig and Sam Sykes. I’m trying to be like them because they are both very good at being themselves.

And if you don’t like my sarcasm, if you’re pointing your finger at your screen and saying, “Twitter (and the internet as a whole) has enough sarcastic assholes,” well…

Fair. It also has enough faux-sunshine and ass kissing. I admit, I’d be a dime a dozen if I wasn’t the best damned sarcasm and assholer around (and I’m from Texas, so I know a thing or twenty about assholes).

Just don’t be so rigid, timid, desperate for people to like you. Relax. BE YOURSELF.

But I feel like maybe we’re drifting away from the point (which is just me being my best self). How to mend this? Back to blogging.

Should you even blog?

Going against the typical vein of advice, no. You shouldn’t. Not if you don’t enjoy it. Being successful at blogging when you aren’t blogging about how to blog? Damned near impossible.

I love it. That’s why I’m still doing it when I average… eight-ish? Let’s say ten views a day. (I blame this on my unwillingness to market myself. Also, I’m an author without a book published.)

How often should you blog?

Not five times a week. That’s what I’m doing. Quality and sanity start to suffer. Keeping that pace on top of your other writing? Cray to the Z.

Once, twice a week, is probably plenty.

What should you blog about?

On top of writing and books? Whatever makes you tick. Whatever you’re passionate about. Don’t worry so much about a niche, a narrow view, because your brand is you. And you aren’t/shouldn’t be a narrow topic.

Champion your causes, share your interests, tell some jokes. I don’t know. Anything but rehashing old writing advice with no original take of your own. Do you know how many writing blogs are out there saying the same damned thing?

And for the sake of all that is bloggy, stop using the same old pics of writing pads and typewriters. (But do have pics. I’m publishing this post without pics, and that is yet another blogging faux pas.)

Or ignore me, because maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m a dumbass in addition to being a smartass. If you can have a successful (profitable/trafficked) blog doing the same thing as everyone else, more power to you.

On the quality of your blog posts…

Don’t worry so much. You aren’t writing your novel. Share some of yourself, your story, or some advice, but don’t go nuts on making it your magnum opus.

Polish it until the writing is sound (grammar and what not).

But have some fun with it. Make words up, be willing to be wrong, explore. A writer’s blog should be a writer’s playground.

You aren’t demanding money for access to your blog content, so you shouldn’t spend excessive amounts of time crafting it. Maybe a piece here and there that you pour your soul into, put blood into.

A piece that you use to tell the world, “Hey! I can really write.” Then make it your pinned tweet or something. (A stand alone tweet. Don’t pin a thread, I’m not sure any of the people liking my pinned tweet have read it. Also, it’s not that good.)

As none of you know, I’ve got a lot of crummy content here. But I had fun writing it, and it’s worth a laugh. (Because if you lack substance, be entertaining.) But, as stated, I have some more substantial stuff in the works.

Such as…

  • Long Live First Person Writing (This is one of my crusades.)
  • A Serious Post About Something I Feel Strongly About (one about mental illness and another about YouTube Kids being garbage.)
  • How to Start Your Own Blog/Website (So you (and my mom) can be an idiot online as well.)

My Trigger Warning post and Spoon were both pretty popular the day they were published. But I don’t retweet my old blog posts (which you probably should do, but try not to be incessantly obnoxious about it. Or do. Maybe that’s what I’m missing.)

There are a few others I’ve shelved for reasons unknown. (Because serious talk gives me migraines. But so does everything else.) I also need to update my home, book, and about pages (even though they already change more often than @vvikaa’s hair color. Which seems to be a lot for any of you who don’t know her.)

So, in conclusion…

If you found yourself here, by accident or otherwise, thanks for reading through. Even if you skipped to the end, thanks for taking the time to do so.

Let me know what sort of content you want to see on a fiction writer’s blog. I’ll probably take your advice and then twist it in a bizarre and not necessarily SFW direction. But I’ll listen. Because I care about you, Dear Reader, and I welcome your feedback.


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  1. Id like to see “tales of the writing struggle.” Like maybe tell us about the character you cut out of the last story … or how you changed something. A picture of the writing.?

    • Edmund J. Asher

      These are great. I have a short story collection I’m working on, about the age old snippets of writing advice. Like kill your darlings and imposter syndrome stuff. Once I get those together, I’m planning on publishing one on the blog. I just have a tendency to bogart my best stories.

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