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Month: March 2019

Hallelujah: The Elements of Eloquence

Welcome to the fifth installment of BAMusic! (I’m not putting BAMusic! in the title anymore because it’s redundant and hurts SEO.)

Let’s cut straight to it.

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On the Death of the Author and the Birth of You

Why is it that so much of the talk surrounding writing is based in death? Kill your darlings, write what you know (maybe this one is personal), write like your parents are dead…

And now? Write like you are dead…

graveside of author Edmund Asher
I never would have expected a whole one person to show up at my funeral!

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What An Author’s Blog Should Be

Seeing as how I’m starting to flesh out some modicum of a presence on Twitter, I probably need to churn out some useful blog posts (before I’m blacklisted by all you fine folks, never to be clicked again).

All of this begs the question (it doesn’t, I was just looking for a dramatic transition), what should an author of fiction blog about?

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