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Month: February 2019

What is Love? Quoth the Raven #3

It’s Valentine’s day so… quotes about love.

*unenthusiastic yay-ing*

And I haven’t done a D20 List in a literal forever, so let’s combine the two; D20 List and Quoth the Raven. Go!

*rolls twenty-sided die*

*twenty-sided die shrieks thirteen*

Fuck. Well, here you go. Thirteen quoths about love!

Maybe not quite second… but you’re up there!

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Naming My Blog: And Tips On How to Name Yours

(A blog post from the past that I didn’t post because: Why did I write this? For your viewing pleasure, a glimpse into my creative process. Don’t look directly, you’ll go blind.)

Naming your blog! Or anything else you want to name. Like your child. In fact, entirely by accident, I ended up randomly generating my next child’s name on the list in step four. See if you can spot it!

Liam Neeson has Taken his search for Waldo a little too seriously.

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Take Me to Church: BAMusic #2

It’s Tuesday! And we all know what means. We’ve left the desolate wasteland of Monday behind. So we can get on with our lives until Sunday demands another sacrifice.

It also means BAMusic.

“BAMusic?” you ask. “I thought it was Catchy-Ass Music Tuesday.”

It was, but that was a placeholder. And as catchy-ass as the music is, the phrase catchy-ass is not catchy-ass. So we (the schizo we, not the royal we) are BAMusic now. At least until Books-a-Million orders a cease and desist.

What does BAMusic mean? Is it Bad Asylum music? Badass Music? Bachelors of Art in Music? I like the first two, but it’s open to interpretation.

Maybe even more a BAM! like WHAM! *queue sexophone* But we’ll save our ode to George Michael for next week. For now…

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Trigger Warning: Contains Discussion of Trigger Warnings

Recently, or not so recently depending on what time you hail from, a fellow blogger (one-sided rival/unacquainted acquaintance/individual-whose-blog-I-stalk) offered up his own post on trigger warnings. A post which you can read by following the link provided below. Be warned, as his post also contains discussion of trigger warnings.

Triggers. I’m so clever. Does the mere presence of guns constitute a trigger warning? More on that question at the end.

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Goodbye to Gaham: Gaming with Children #2

Previous – Welcome to Gaham

When last we left our young… hero… he was beating an unconscious goblin with a stick.

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Litany Against Fear: Quoth the Raven #2

Our quoth for this week will be the Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear. For those of you who don’t know, it’s from Frank Herbert’s Dune.

Now be amazed as I reproduce the entirety of the Litany Against Fear from memory. Because yes, I am that much of a nerd.

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Dead Girl’s Smile

[I’ll leave it here, but it’s shit that needs a whole lot of work or straight up burnt. Enjoy.]

A girl stared back at me from inside the mirror stood at the back of my closet. Black hair, pale skin, naked. I didn’t recognize her despite feeling that I should.

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My Name Is Human: Catchy-Ass Music Tuesday

So Tuesday and Thursday are gonna be some easy blogging days. And yes, that takes me up to blogging five days a week. That’s some sadist/masochist shit right there. (I don’t know what word to use, because I don’t know who is hurting more. Me? Or you?)

I could do a billion of blog posts about individual songs I like, so Tuesday is now Music Tuesday. I’ll come up with some catchy-ass title later.

First song of Catchy-Ass Title Tuesday is…

Highly Suspect – My Name Is Human

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Welcome to Gaham: Gaming with Children #1

Anyone who has ever ran a tabletop campaign (D&D, Pathfinder, etc.) knows the pains of attempting to manage a group of players. You find out how perfectly unreasonable a group of adults can be. It’s like the sort of chaos that happens if you dump a box of kittens in at the puppy bowl… but the kittens are feral and the puppies are dumb…

I’ve lost track of who the players are in this metaphor. (But the puppy bowl is on today! The day I wrote this. You know something? The puppy bowl seems oddly like a parody. Does anyone know about some other bowl related event they might be referencing?)

But suppose your players aren’t adults. My newfound experience attests, there is a being more difficult to manage than an adult player…

A stock child. A caped kid-sader.
A (stock) child.

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Branding: Not What I Thought It Was


What do you think branding is?

Unfortunately, I looked to the wrong sources for my answer. Definition brought to you by courtesy of Wikipedia.

Branding: Pressing a heated metal shape against an object or livestock with the intention of leaving an identifying mark.

Armed with knowledge, I took action. Because when you’re serious about what you do, that’s what you do.


Peter Griffin branding a cow. Don't worry, the cow is super into it.

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