Gods, I need some rest but I’m not gonna get any. Why? Because I won’t let myself.

My solemn vow to the none of you reading last week; This week we’d do Cage the Elephant. And I’ll be damned to the lowest levels of hell if I fail you.

So here it is.

*something clever*

I’ll be real honest with you. I’d never heard of Cage the Elephant before Borderlands. Does that make my opinion of their music any less valid?


But does it make me any less valuable as a person.

Also yes.

But Borderlands is amazing, and I get nostalgia just from listening to this. Rolling into Firestone on a bus with my fellow vault hunters, and immediately getting into a gunfight with bandits.

I went with the sharpshooter in both 1 and 2: Mordecai and Zero all the way. Plus, I fancy myself something of a sharp shooter in reality (whatever that is), by which I mean to say I dress well and can hit the broadside of a barn.

In the presequel I played as Claptrap. But who gives a bother? I’m talking to myself and losing my own attention. So let’s carry on with something that won’t entice you any better.

I haven’t played video games in forever, because of the whole too busy thing. A guy who is only a parent to cats seemed confused as to why I hadn’t found the time to play Kingdom Hearts 3.

Because time doesn’t exist, Cat Dad. (It’s a construct.)

Strange enough, I planned on using this song since last week. Last night we started watching Lucifer, (And don’t come at me with, “Well, you found time to watch a show.” Wife time isn’t video game time.) and the show starts up with this song. I’ve only seen one episode so far, but I liked it. So if you have the Netflix, give it a go.

Anyways, I’ve managed to construct for myself a snippet of time. So, I’m gonna go start up a game, piddle for several minutes wondering how games even work (because I’ve forgotten), then roll over and try to sleep for several minutes. I’ll fail in that (because I’ve also forgotten how to sleep), then most likely return to writing something or other.

If you somehow found yourself in my asylum, enjoy the song. We’ll be more entertaining/useful at a later date.

Like tomorrow, when we blog about how juggling can make you a better writer (or a better whatever you do-er). Until then, remember elephants don’t belong in cages. It’s just a band name.