Part One

Part Two

Alright, enough procrastinating. When we last left our decidedly-not-heroes, they were cowering in a closet after the cries of a woman echoed through their small and once peaceful village.

Terik and Cammi continue their cowering. Such a brave duo they are.

After some minutes, the door to the house slams against the inner-wall. The urgent voice of Terik’s father follows. Our not-heroes cannot distinguish what he is saying from their closet.

They venture forth from their hiding place, slink out from Terik’s room, and listen to his parent’s conversation in secret.

“It’s goblins, like the kids say.” Terik’s father moves as he talks, gathering his old armor.

Terik’s mother paces after him. “Are you sure? You found one?”

“No. The bite marks on his face.”

“What about the baby?”

“Taken. I’m going to find her.” (Terik’s father is now forever Liam Neeson in my mind.)

This whole website is Liam Neeson threatening you.

Terik’s mother sits, cries silently. Liam Neeson leaves her with a single kiss on the head before leaving the house with not another word.

The children return to Terik’s room, where they decide on a course of action. Terik wonders if his father has finished his sword yet (in the past several hours). He hasn’t.

Terik continues to bring up the sword he doesn’t have throughout the rest of the session.

But they eventually decide to set out after Liam Neeson, to help. Finally some bravery. Excellent.

So Cammi, armed with bow and dagger, and Terik, with his wooden sword that Terik wishes would just turn metal, go into the woods.

Cammi tracks Terik’s father like the little pro she is until the trail splits. She has picked up on the goblin’s trail, but Liam Neeson has veered from that trail, going in the wrong direction. (He has a very particular set of skills, one of which is getting lost.)

Again, they have a choice. Find Liam Neeson, or follow the goblin’s trail. They choose the goblin. Again, most excellent.

They follow the trail for a long while, until it lets out into a clearing. In front of them is a small cliff face bearing a doorway, barely visible by the scant light of the moon peeking over.

Terik’s immediate response is to charge at the door, hitting it with his wooden sword. His sword splits the night air with a cracking noise, but remains intact.

The door is sturdy. The door is also unlocked.

To add injury to insult, Terik has leapt without looking. His only warning is the clinking of chains before a snarling maw of teeth snaps at his face, just barely catching the tip of his nose.

A wolf, chained up. As the wolf lurches something creaks. The wolf comes a hair closer.

(What ensues is the single most excruciating combat experience of my life as either DM or player.)

Terik attacks. Miss. Wolf attacks. Hit. Cammi attacks. Miss.

Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Hit. It’s the wolf again. Miss. Miss. Miss. Hit. Guess who?

Then finally a series of lucky hits from the heroes, who are mangled from what should have been a manageable encounter.

Terik knocks the sword out with his stick. Cammi silences the unconscious wolf with her dagger before patching herself and Terik up with all but the final charge of her magic. (She doesn’t know this. She just knows she has healing magic.)

Terik wants to go home. Cammi wants to save the baby.

So Cammi leaves Terik behind, and he hesitantly tags along.

They enter into a long rough-hewn hallway. Their next encounter will be with a board, their most daunting challenge yet.

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