It’s two o’clock and I’m just now starting this blog post. I almost bowed out. Get back on the horse tomorrow. But I know myself better than that. Miss one day, and I’m done. That horse will be dead.

So here we are. I got carried away in the shark tornado that is twitter. A sharknado, if you will.

Written and directed by sharks, for sharks.

Twitter is a poison. Yes, a sharknado and a poison, all in one. (This reminds me, I had a conversation on the twitter about movies so bad they were good. That alone deserves its own post.)

Sharknado Poison (is the name of my new band)

You drink the sharknado poison and your time disappears. And animal rights activists come after you. (Have you ever tried shark fin soup? I’ve heard it’s good.)

But twitter is also a place that provides me with a (mostly) wonderful community of writer’s who make me feel validated via a series of little clickers (followers, retweets, hearts). More and more lately, they are even beginning to talk to me. Sometimes they’re even nice!

I spend most of my time on twitter shit posting, shooting the shit, and a variety of other shit-based references. The rest of the time I spend being approached aggressively, because I’m offensive for all the reasons I didn’t expect to be considered offensive.

I mean, I give you all sorts of SHIT (that’s a popular word today) to shit on me about and you choose that?

But I’m a good person. (In the sense that I mostly walk away, without saying a bunch of things I want to say. I will admit, I’ve been an ass on twitter, even instigated the assiness. But I try not to be assy. Sassy, yes. Assy, no. Is there a difference?)

Point? I don’t like being approached aggressively, being called small-minded, and I don’t imagine any of you do either.

And if I’m going to be called small-minded, I wish it was at least over something that matters. Also, I’m very bad at defending any viewpoints when aggroed, because all I want to do is aggro back. As you know, I’m a smart ass.

Maybe I should embrace that.

But no hard feelings twitter person I’m talking about. Though I doubt you have a sense of humor, and that is unforgivable.

This ramble feels good after that horrific train wreck of a short story I posted yesterday. I don’t think I’ll be able to go beyond that first draft (and I don’t plan to.) It’s not what I intended to write, and it ended up being a bit personal, even if in a choked off and restricted way. Hard to let that shit flow.

But nobody came here to listen to me ramble. (Then why are you here? Are you here?) Thursday is when I do Quoth the Raven, and I’ll be damned if I don’t wedge it in here somewhere.


“Only remember one thing—a small dose is a remedy, a large one is poison. One drop will restore life, as you have seen; five or six will inevitably kill…”

From my favorite book, The Count of Monte Cristo.

It’s far from my favorite quoth that the book contains, I could do many moons of Quoth the Raven from it alone, but it seemed apt considering it was a quoth about twitter.

A reminder that we all need to limit our social media usage, lest we die.

HAHAHA! (I don’t know where I was going with this meme.) *dies*