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When last we left our young… hero… he was beating an unconscious goblin with a stick.

Satisfied the goblin no longer posed a threat, Terik stopped his assault. Before meeting the goblin in combat, his intention had been to head home. And it still was, with or without Cammi.

(His alignment is already leaning toward chaotic. Taking to the game like a fish to water. In no time at all, he’ll be another Deadpool clone.)

But Cammi heard the commotion from the fight and rushed back. She found Terik, clutching his arm. (But not crying! As he was too tough to cry, despite several hundred tiny holes in his now limp arm. Real men only cry when faced with making simple decisions.)

Cammi, a semi-skilled field medic at the age of ten, immediately went to his side and went to wrapping his wound. (Whether her skill came from years of taking care of herself, or she was taught by someone, remains unclear. My vote favors the former.)

She worried he would bleed out before they made it to town, even with her many years of experience. Wrapping the wound tight and hoping, something happened. Her hands began to glow, enveloping Terik’s arm in light.

He felt the pain subside as they both watched the tiny holes seal, leaving no trace of injury apart from blood and tattered sleeve.

Cammi stared in shock while Terik took it in stride, shouting, “Why don’t I have powers?” (Because you wanted to be a boy with a sword, Son. Your power is a stick. And be patient…)

Shaking her head at her beside-the-point friend, Cammi said, “We have to tell you dad.” Even as it left her lips, she knew he wouldn’t believe them. There hadn’t been a goblin sighting around Gaham in over ten years. “We have to take the body back.”

Terik readily agreed. (Doubtful he’d intended to leave his trophy behind in the first place.)

So they picked up the goblin, Cammi at the head and Terrik at the feet, immediately stirring it from “death.” Startled, it took a bite at Cammi, missing, before struggling out of its captors grips and rushing off, heading deeper into the woods.

Thinking fast, Cammi loosed an arrow—catching the goblin in the shoulder before it slipped behind a tree. Thinking slower, Terik threw his sword—hitting aforementioned tree.

They gave chase, Cammi following the goblin, Terik following Cammi (after recovering his precious sword). But Cammi was chasing glimpses, and the much faster goblin eventually escaped her sight. She slows, trying to pick out a trail of blood. Fails.

As she searched in vain, Terik looked around him, no idea where they were. He’d never been this far into the woods before. “Great! I guess we’re lost forever!”

Cammi, knowing the woods like the grain of her bow, led them back to the village with ease, bringing an anticlimactic end to Terik’s grand statement.

(This would have been an excellent place to allude to something worse in the woods, tying Cammi’s backstory in. But alas, opportunity missed. Honestly, I think I’d completely forgotten her brother had been killed in the woods.)

But they make it out of the woods and return to Terik’s home where they frantically explained what happened, magic healing and all. If not for the blood and tattered sleeve, Terik’s father would have dismissed their claim entirely. He’d lived his entire life in the village of Gaham and a healer, or magic of any sort, he had never witnessed.

He took their claim seriously, though it wasn’t the first time they’d come back from the woods with wild stories. Aside, to his wife, he said, “Keep Cammi here. I’ll let the night watch know.”

The night watch being, on any given night, one of three young men (who hadn’t run off into the world the first chance they got). The job consisted of walking the village’s meager perimeter and finding good places to nap.

So the night progressed. The night watch was upped to all three available young men, as well as Terik’s father himself.

Cammi stayed in the spare room (Terik’s family being so well off, they had a spare room. Cammi couldn’t complain, seeing as she had a whole house to herself. And her own room ever since her brother…) while Terik stayed in his.

(When asked what they would do next, Cammi went to bed and Terik hid in his closet. Yes, in his closet. Nobody sneaks out or does anything of interest. Nothing has happened yet, but Terik cowers in his closet.)

Well into the night, comes a cry. A cry that would drive young boys into their closets in fear if they weren’t already there. A scream. A scream that could only belong to Sybil (because in such a small village, everyone has everyone else’s screams of terror memorized).

This conclusion, that Sybil was in fact the one screaming, was further supported when cries of, “My baby! Where is my baby?” joined the mix, as Sybil’s baby was the only baby in the village.

And that is where we will end this telling, with our hero cowering in a closet and our heroine leaving her room to join him.

It is at this point my wife looked at me warily, wondering if the adventure to come was child appropriate. She knows my penchant for horror and horrible runs deep, so I cannot blame her. I assure her with a lie, “Everything is fine. Perfectly child friendly.”

We’ve yet to catch up with where we ended our first session, but this is a lot to write. More than I expected. And we’ll be doing our second session on Sunday. I’ll be buried forever beneath a mountain of self-created work.

Also, it now comes to my attention that my title is misleading because I didn’t write as far on this chapter as I intended. “Goodbye to Gaham? What did he mean? Why didn’t he change the title? Why are there no funny pictures this time?”

All good questions.

Hope you enjoyed.

Chapter Three will come soon-ish.