For your sake, I’ll start with the tl;dr.

I’m starting a book club.

FIght Club Meme: FIrst rule of book club, promote your unoriginal idea with an unoriginal meme.
Because Book/Fight Club has been done to death. If you wanna meet up for a read/rumble, head to the parking lot of any bar or 7-Eleven ever. I’ll be the guy loitering.

First rule about book club is you don’t talk about book club.

Second rule of book club is you don’t talk about book club.

The third rule in book club, when someone says stop, or goes limp, even if they’re just faking it, the book is over.

Only two guys to a book. One book at a time. Read without shirts or shoes (pants are optional). The books go on as long as they have to. Those are the other rules of book club.

If this is your first night to book club, you have to fight… I mean… book… read.

Now ignore the first and second rules because I want you to talk about book club. Because this is about community and reading and books, and not about eventually moving on to bigger things, such as blowing up buildings. I repeat, this is not at all about blowing up buildings. *wink wink*

So, welcome to book club. If you have any recommendations (About books to read, not about where I can stick “it.” Whatever “it” is.) you can leave them down below or tweet them at me, or facebook, or whatever. Same goes for if you wanna talk about any of the books we’re starting out reading.

And what books are we reading?

End of our too long tl;dr. On with the post.

No… ya know what? This is plenty long enough for this post (too lazy; didn’t write). It’s a series now. Catch part two on Wednesday. Unless I decide to write about something else.

I am Joe’s lazy ass.

A picture of Joe's lazy ass.
This was supposed to be Joe’s lazy ass… I don’t know what happened.