This post is just me saying, “I still exist!”

I’m still hard at work on stuff and things. Just the blog has been taking a backseat to life.

What stuff and things?

I’m working like hell on the novel. I’ve actually started writing on another one (almost completely unrelated to the first) as well (though I’m making sure the first one doesn’t fall to the side). It was just coming through so clearly in my mind that it needed to be put on paper.

I’ve done an article (started several) for the ARTS magazine. ARTS being Authors Round Table Society. We have a meeting tomorrow night! I’m always excited about that.

And I’ve actually written a couple of stories and posts that I just didn’t want to put up yet… I’ll try to let them go this week… they’re kind of weird? I don’t know. I just want to do something to them. But they are what they are. And I’m definitely going to write some more of Dav in DI(c)E! I’m thinking of dropping the PLEASE… But hold me to that. It’ll happen sometime next week… (next week never comes)

Also, sickness and caffeine withdrawal and life and bullshit. But things are getting back on track. On to the topic.

Is This the Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?

Obligatory link to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

The thing I wanted to talk about today is the sacrificing of reality for a fictional world.

Who else has so immersed themselves in the creation (or observation of another’s creation) that it seems more real than the Earth we inhabit?

My Nyth is fifteen years in the making and I have spent a great deal of time on it. At the expense of real world studies, at the expense of time spent doing other activities, and so on.

It feels as though I know more of Nyth’s history than I do of Earth’s. That I am more familiar with her people than I am the people of this world.

Maybe it’s an exaggeration. Maybe not.

I know that whenever I study something in regards to our world it is with a mindset of “How can this serve to make Nyth more real?” I learn all kinds of shit to flesh out my world.

I watch movies and read books with an attention to detail that I didn’t have before I began writing “professionally.” Picking apart structure and seeing how things are done and how I could do that or do it better or how I do that worse and need to catch up.

So I have a fairly broad set of knowledge when it comes to Earthen things and what not. But if I had to choose a thing that I’m an expert in… First and foremost, that thing would be Nyth.

Close second would be… I don’t know. Math and Dark Souls? In which order? Probably Dark Souls first. I guess I watch a shit ton of movies. Listen to all the music. Used to read a fuck load of books. (Almost thought we weren’t gonna get a fuck in there today. But a fuck always finds a way. I mean look at that! Now we’ve got three fucks! Four.) But I realize I kind of… quit reading somewhere along the line. I’m reading again. A lot. Problem remedied.

I’m not super connected to the things going on in our world as far as politics and what not. Most of what I look into when developing Nyth’s politics comes from way back.

Maybe I need to be more attentive to today’s issues? Instantly I jump to “Maybe they could inform my work in ways I haven’t considered.” See, I have a problem. An obsession. No learning about you Earthlings for the sake of simply getting in touch.

But anyways, who else feels so immersed in their writing/creating that they feel out of touch with the world? Let me know. It would do me some good (according to some) to communicate with real people.

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