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Month: May 2018

Feeding the Writing Habit

Just because you write fun, wild, crazy things doesn’t mean you always get to have fun writing. Believe it or not, if you want to do it to any extent beyond leisure time activity, it’s going to be work to get your words in.

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I Still Exist!

This post is just me saying, “I still exist!”

I’m still hard at work on stuff and things. Just the blog has been taking a backseat to life.

What stuff and things?

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Get Your Shit Together

I’ve been having two weeks from hell. Withdrawals are a pain in the ass.

No. Not hard drugs. Just caffeine. Still sucks.

Am I even a writer if I don’t drink caffeine? Like, I barely ever drank coffee to start with. Just sodee-pop. Way too much sodee-pop.

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My eyes wandered over Narmo as he piloted the ship. I’d never seen him worse off.  It made me feel guilty, sitting here in pristine condition while he was so dirty and beat down. His black t-shirt and jeans were in tatters and his arm didn’t look much better. He had shifted his white hair to hang over the shaved side of his head, hiding the recently obtained gash. A little piece of ear was missing where one of his piercings tore out. The rest were intact, including that damned nose ring.

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My Mind Is so Foggy… I Just Published This Without a Title

A public service announcement to all writers.

Sleep with pen and paper by your bedside.

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