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Month: April 2018

Megalomania Monday

Welcome, Dear Readers, to the first installment of Megalomania Monday, where the topic will be?

You guessed it!

Koala bears dismantling the human way of life, and quite possibly our bodies, via use of their psychic powers.

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Dumb Luck – Stories from Nyth

Written for Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Friday: Luck.


Everything always seemed to work out for Luck. He was always so damned… lucky.

I don’t know how the other gods felt about it, but I hated him for it.

When you were Chaos, everything was so… unpredictable. I couldn’t stand not knowing how things would turn out. I wanted control.

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Tidal Wave

We, my mother and I, had just climbed out of our little green Nissan.

We walked into the store. Its layout was unlike any place I had ever been. Not that it was particularly bizarre. Just noteworthy that it was foreign to me. I had expected some semblance of familiarity upon entering.

The walls were filled with things I didn’t recognize. The entire floor was bare except for a large (you could swim in it, though I would rather swim with sharks) wire bin in the middle of the store. Within it existed the only thing in the store I knew. I found no comfort in their familiarity.

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Manifesto Monday

That’s right. Manifesto Monday on a Wednesday. That’s how far behind I am. I could change it to Manifesto Wednesday but that would sound stupid. I’m saving Wednesday for Writing Prompts.

Besides, I like it. Sounds like a D&D ripoff. Manifestos and Mondays. Sounds intimidating. I’d rather face a dragon than a Monday anytime.

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Will I Have My Answer in the End?

I was running and I didn’t know why. It was dark. It was raining. I could only tell I was moving across grass because of its familiar feel beneath my feet.

Not by its wet crunch. I couldn’t hear that. Not because of the rain. I couldn’t hear that either. Sound was absent except for one.

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The Dark Half – Stories from Nyth

I wrote this for Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge: Stolen Titles (Stephen King Edition).

I don’t want to ruin this story with a posting of “The End” at… the end… followed by a posting of “Hey, I do the twitter and facebook. So follow! Join my mailing list if you are diggin’ my junk.”

So… there, that was it.

Promoting myself taken care of, I present to you…

The Dark Half

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A Man Needs a Name

No, for those who recognized the GoT reference, this is not another murder post.

No worries! We’ll visit Death again!

But today we will be taking a look into my writing process as it pertains to naming things.

Exciting, right?! Yeah, it sure the hell is. If you don’t think so you can just lea… damn, I didn’t mean it! Please, come back!

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Masking Guilt – Short Stories from Nyth

I wrote this for Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge: New Life.

Let’s get to it.

Masking Guilt

I had only ever used the mask for small things before. Pulling pranks on my friends, speaking my mind to people, a one night stand here and there.

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