Welcome to another installment in Megalomania Monday!

It’s a new week and drowning in anguish over my novel in progress and what people think of what I do here is a thing of the past… and probably also a thing of next week.

But for now, I have good news! And some bad news that works out as good news for you!

Good news. I have finished the drafting of my novel and have moved into the editing process.

Gooder news. It reads pretty well. No doubt it will look radically different once it is done but I’m happy with the draft that felt so shitty for so much of the slog through. (And a note that I know gooder isn’t a word. I know gooder than that.)

Bad news. The Kickstarter for the Drabble horror collection has been cancelled. It wasn’t going to reach its backing and had only two weeks left.

What can I say? Someone lacks skill in the fine art of beating their head against a brick wall until things work. Brick-wall-induced-self-bludgeoning is what being a writer is all about… so I persist.

Good news. I’m going to post the story. I didn’t do much (any) story-ing last week so… hundred word story. Now, about a blog schedule…

Blog Schedule

Monday – Megalomania Monday

Tuesday – A D20 List, DI(c)E PLEASE! or just a story or something.

Wednesday – Writing Prompt

Thursday – Same as Tuesday but maybe some Writing Advice?

Friday – My Submission to Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge (didn’t have one last week)

Weekends – I’m not posting anything on a weekend unless I just absolutely want to.

So, what’s next?

Why the Fuck Do I Blog?

After the miserable-ness that was last week, I’ll just delve a bit into why I blog.

This is my online place. MINE!

I practice writing here. I don’t put my grade A shit here.

I make the effort to have it be exemplary as far as quality (grammar, except for when I deliberately don’t) goes, if not necessarily content.

It’s my playground.

I’ve got to enjoy it or I’ll go mad writing a novel (and everything else I do) at the same time.

SO… in essence, I’ll be doing a lot of not caring about whether or not anyone likes what I write here and a whole lot more of going back to pretending I am already an astounding success.

As far as my schedule goes… I’ll work on keeping to it. But if I miss a day, I’m not going to have conniptions over it. If you are having conniptions over my missing a post, please do let me know.

Not because I’m going to do anything about it. Just because I want to hear how excited you were for content of mine that you didn’t get.

I promise I’m not an asshole.


*not at you*

*with you*

Alright. I’ll be putting up the Drabble shortly after this. An extra, albeit short, post to make up for last week.

I have this aura of doom about me that screams “You’re forgetting something!”

Eh… can’t be anything too important.

OH! I remember! It recently came to my attention that I am fairly qualified to do an instructional on writing fight scenes. So that’s coming before too long.

Questions? About anything. Ask them below. I’d love to answer.