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Writing Prompt Wednesday

Writing Prompt Wednesday… kind of bland… It will do for now.

Maybe Write Shit Wednesday… OK. We’ll leave it. Doesn’t mean I have to keep it.

I’ve decided some things.

  1. I am simply not satisfied with writing only one story a week for Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenges.
  2. I want to drive people to interact with this blog.

So, we’re gonna do writing prompts. I’ll take them from my Pinterest Board, Writing Prompts… clever name, no? (Just a quick note, none of the writing prompts are birthed from my mind.)

If you swing over there to check it out, please excuse all the half-naked woman character art… I started that board to get followers.

It’s popular enough… but I’m only getting a trickle of traffic from Pinterest.

Apparently the people following it only read boobs, not books.

There is a lot of other cool stuff pinned on there too… just… that’s the most popular…

I’m ignoring Pinterest for now. Though I am working on some story boards and the like…

Anyways, on to the point.

Writing Prompt

I thought I’d start with the most popular pin on my Writing Prompts board.

It isn’t anywhere near my favorite… none of the popular ones are. But here we go…

At the age of thirteen, children are able to summon their familiars for the first time. Your family has always been ridiculed for weak and useless familiars until the day of your thirteenth birthday when you summon yours.


Feel free to take strong artistic license with this prompt… flip it on its head, go in a different direction. Don’t feel forced to do exactly as it says.

Be inspired by the prompt, not controlled by it.

Shoot for around a thousand words.

Because I’m a nerd, bonus points if you get exactly… 1086 words… Yes, I just rolled dice for that.

Link to wherever you put the story in the comments section below.

I’m not putting a deadline on it because, at first, I don’t expect involvement to be very high. Just try to have it done by next Wednesday… I don’t care whose Wednesday… Yours… Mine… Wednesday.

I’ll post mine next week, along with the next prompt.

If you want to suggest a prompt from my board (or from anywhere), I will take it under consideration.


Procrastination is a Dead Elephant


We Interrupt Your Regular Programming


  1. I did it! I did the thing. This story took me on twists and turns I was not expecting, but the edit made I feel like I’m trying to stuff too big a story into a Flash size box. So it’s well over at 1250 words:

    • Edmund J. Asher

      I love it! So far you are winning. But damn… I guess that means I have to participate now too. I’ll get on that in the morning… my Wednesday just started mind you. I’m up at one in the morning editing, damned near crying as I read over a part where I kill a character. I don’t know if that means it is well written or if I’m just personally invested.

  2. Edmund J. Asher

    Is it weird to leave my own link here? I don’t care. It’s my website.

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