Dear Readers, where do I begin?

Let’s start with the new name for my Tales from the Tabletop section! I decided that the previous names I suggested for replacement would leave me in competition with an industry I have no hope of overcoming.

A quick search revealed that pornography has firm real estate within the realm of tabletops, as far as fucking is concerned.

So, I have decided, for the time being at least (I’m very indecisive), to call the section Di(c)e Please. I’m looking to do the next installment near the end of this week. On to my writing progress.

Because dice. And because gambling below. Original, relevant images (for free) take a lot of time. Creating your own takes a lot of time. So you get what you get.


I’ve been putting off this chapter for a long time, afraid I would be unable to do it justice. I finally sat down with it and roughed it out. Justice? No. That will come in the revision. But it feels alive now. The mistake?

I nearly altered my timeline in a way that wouldn’t have been noticed by anyone but me (but would have given me an aneurysm had it somehow made it to publication).

I had given a cameo to a character that wouldn’t be relevant until his own story down the line. I’ve grown fond of planting little future Easter eggs. But in a timeline that covers around about six thousand years… it can be hard keeping things straight.

So, we (myself and my characters) were downtown so to speak, in an area where gambling was popular. As soon as gambling crossed my mind, I knew I had to put this character in for at least a mention (timeline be damned). The only problem being he isn’t born for another four hundred years.

Everything else was fine. The guy had gambled in Vrist. Since I snipped out the section, I’ll throw it on here. Maybe it will show up in a later book, maybe it won’t. That’s so far down the line that I don’t care.

“…I nearly tripped over the sprawled body of an almost naked man that had appeared at my feet. A voice followed him from the doorway he had just flown from, “Catch you back here without coin, we’ll get that ring off if we have to take your fucking finger with it!”

You’ll get to meet Almost Naked in about four hundred years.

By the time he was cut from the story, I was firmly placed in Easter egg mode. So, there is definitely one there. Maybe by the time the book is out, it will be one you recognize.

Peace Out… (Nope, still not it… I could just walk out without saying anything… It’s worked in real life before.)

Alright, I’ve made this awkward. How do we salvage this? Social Media etiquette… back on ending posts with a question. Alright, familiar territory. Breathing returning to normal.

Dear Readers, is there anything you would like to hear about Nyth?

(Nyth is his fantasy world, in the likely case (or the more likely case that no one is here to hear us but ourselves) that you found yourself not knowing  what you’ve walked into. Asher, how are they supposed to ask questions about it when you are so tight lipped about everything?)

Quiet. It can be a general question about anything. Plus they have  Smoking Good Time to work with.

(Did you just link to your own content?)

Yeah. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?

(You’re talking to yourself again.)

Did I ever stop?

Ignore them, Readers. Answer the question. My sanity depends on it.