Dear Readers,

At least I think “Readers” should still be plural. I’m pretty sure my wife is still reading. Oh well, I’m future proofing.

Anyways, my wife and I were talking on the way back from aforementioned meeting. She said to me, voice dripping with envy to a degree I’m definitely not exaggerating, “Inspiration doesn’t strike me as easily as it does you.”

My response, “Striking is apt phrasing. Inspiration has me backed into a corner, so punch drunk that I don’t know what idea to write next”

Which explains why I got up in the middle of the night to write (#writenaked #nakediswrite) a story about a tabletop campaign I played when I was thirteen. I then proceeded to make a mock book cover that ended up being far too serious for such a goofy story. I should have been adding to my novel. But it is coming. Also, no regrets.

That project, Tales from the Tabletop, will be a continuous addition to my blog. It will, however, likely undergo a name change. Turns out that name’s taken and I’ve heard horror stories about innocent mistakes turned into awful lawsuits.

Which is also why you have the picture above instead of (scratch that, I think fair use wins me this one) one taken from Cool Hand Luke (because that’s immediately where I wanted to go when I said “punch drunk”).

Oh, and McTavern’s is/was taken. A real bar that had some issues or whatever. Drugs are bad, m’kay? (I felt inclined to leave a positive message for our children)

But McTavern’s is what we called it in our game as kids, so that’s what I’m going to call it now.

As for Tales from the Tabletop, I’m just going to go ahead and claim its new name so I don’t have to worry about it being snatched up while I try and fail to summon the necessary clever required for a good name.

Ready? Here it is…

Fucking Tales from the Fucking Tabletop

That’s right. It wasn’t taken. Now it is. Don’t touch. I’ll sue you. Also stay away from…

Fucked on a Tabletop

I actually kind of like that. Should I go ahead and dirty up the short stories?

While I decide, any name utilizing “the deed” and “tabletops” is off limits to the rest of you.

This actually segues nicely into our next topic.

Naked Writing

I’m sure I’ve spoken of my inclination before this post. I’m attempting to start a movement. When I wake in the night to write, it is always bare ass naked.

Well, I noticed something interesting on this fine night. Something I had failed to consider.

We pulled up to our house and I saw that the light was on in my study, blinds open as they always were (I like to look at the world when I’m procrastinating).

So, apparently, the back of my desk (pressed right up against the window) doesn’t come down as far as I thought. It leaves a perfect frame for my sword (I won’t bother you with discussion of sword variety).

This frame is perfectly visible all the way out to our road. Now I think I understand why the neighbors are so awkward and quiet around me. I had thought it must have been something I said.

Now for the News

Let’s wrap this up. Author’s meeting. Love it every time, even though it means being social.

We hope to have a website up within a month.

We hope to have a magazine in two. It will start small, but we hope to build it up fairly well. Its subject matter will pertain to arts (including events, musicians, artists) and our writers, specifically in the North Texas area. I do believe including Dallas and its surrounding areas. We are based out of Denison. It will be made available in print and online.

I’m looking forward to making my contribution to it in whatever form that may be (likely not including obscenity or speak of southern appendages… sounded better when it came into my mind… legs are southern appendages… I was referring to the whole sword metaphor).

Alright, hope you enjoyed. Asher, signing off.

(I’m just gonna cycle through farewells until I find my way. That wasn’t it.)