Dear Readers,

Please notice that the s is missing a parenthesis. I have a following! As it turns out, my wife has been reading my blog. Myself and my wife, that makes plural. Readers.

Aside from overnight fame, I’ve also put up a banner of my main cast for my upcoming novel.

I’ll stick it right here below us, in case you haven’t noticed the home page.


I made it myself but I want to do a quick thanks to the tons of artists whose work I used for reference while doing the silhouettes. I’m not great, but it will serve for now. I don’t know how long it will be until I either make something better or commission to have something done.

Overall, I like it. Except maybe the spear wielder… and my wife hates the arms behind third guys head (I still don’t want to give away names… hence spear wielder and third guy). She says it looks like he is being arrested. If other people think it looks bad, I can change it easy enough. Spear guy will get worked over when I get a chance.


I only had opportunity to work on the banner because I took a day long break from writing after submitting the short story.  It feels good to have it out of my hands for a time. I’ll let you know when to expect the book. When it’s available, you’ll be able to click through and get it on this very site. I’m pretty excited.

Expressing Myself

Back on an old topic, I had a game night with my authors group on the fifteenth. It ended up being very productive. No gaming whatsoever. I learned a lot from authors with far more experience than myself.

One snippet of what I learned helped me work out the whole “What can’t I say on my blog?” thing. My conclusion? I can say whatever I want.


That’s empowering.

I’m sorry. I’ll try to watch my language. Or not. But truth be told, if you can’t handle a swear here and there, then you definitely won’t be able to handle my books.

So, I’m going to be myself. Open and honest, dark and funny (some people find me funny).

I just want to engage with an audience of people that are interested in having a conversation about whatever garbage I spew out. See, I’m not too vulgar. I said garbage. I could have said shit.

I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? I have a delete button on these posts. It’s like burning evidence.


I’ve been putting this off for far too long. I have to return some animals to the zoo. Talk to you later!