So, Dear Reader(s), blogging is harder than I expected. I’m enjoying it though. I suppose what matters more is that my audience enjoys me. So, at the moment I have 100% audience satisfaction. A benefit to being my only reader.

I have tons of ideas for posts but a majority are for after the release of my first novel. So let’s do a behind the scenes.

Regarding My Short Story

Today I revised my draft. The draft was 2070 words and the final product ended up being 3515. Rather than whittle down, my first draft tends to be a skeleton. When I go back through for my revision, I tend to put meat on its bones.

This revision was rather extensive. In addition to the meat, I switched it from first person to third person. Most of my work is in first person but I felt third worked better for the short.

All I feel the need to do is a sweep or two in order to fix any stray errors, then it’s off to my writer’s group. The submissions for the anthology are due April 18th but I have no idea how long it will take to have the anthology ready after that (new author here, ignorant¬† to how this whole publishing thing works, learning as I go).

Regarding My Novel

I’m pressing toward the end of my draft. I’d say I have about 60,000 words so far, and a lot of descriptive writing to fill in later (fleshing out the skeleton). This 60,000 is an estimate as I am wholly incapable of writing a story by keyboard so all of it is on paper. I type it later, doing some revision as I go.

I don’t tend to need to physically write my revisions. I did for my short though, as the switch to third person demanded more than my typical revision. Thankfully, it also seems fairly easy for me to type up the blog posts rather than starting on paper. I’m definitely not going to rewrite my novel during the revision stage. Alright, I might. I’m a creature of habit and love the feel of pen and paper.

Sorry this wasn’t particularly funny. (Insert generic dark joke here) Just thought I would give some insight as to my workflow. I’m pretty happy with how the day went though. I got a lot done including building a headboard for a munchkin.

To wrap up the day nice and tight, I should probably go dispose of the body my dog dragged into the yard. Not human, of course. I swear.