So, Dear Reader(s), what do I write? I’ll answer this (self-posed) question to give prospective readers a better idea of what to expect from my stories.

I currently have myself listed as a writer of fantasy and science fiction but this hardly says anything. My first novel will be (or is so far) more fantasy-centric, science fiction not taking the front and center.

man pursued by shadow horror dark fantasy scene

But What Sort of Fantasy?

It has those elements that one would expect of the genre. For example, adventure, fighting, loads of characters (both mortal and immortal) and magic (or what a non-Nythian would refer to as magic). But it’s dark, likely riding the line between dark fantasy and true horror. It’s gritty, so naturally…

There’s Blood and Sex

I’m likely more giving with blood than sex and none, not even my most beloved characters, can truly call themselves safe. In fact, it sometimes feels as if I’m attempting to make a living murdering friends. (In my writing… not in reality. Though sometimes I muddle the two… no, nevermind! No need to call the cops, promise.)

The sex, it’s there but it isn’t so detailed as my violence. At least not in this first work. Some later stories find sex (of a criminal or gritty sort) to be a more pivotal element to the plot. And I don’t particularly care to explore sexual aspects that don’t drive the plot or character development. So, I’m not writing erotica… hopefully.

As for Romance…

There is sex, so is there romance? Yeah. The terms paranormal and… non-traditional… come to mind. That said, there are some perfectly traditional, wholesome romances… I think.

And Back to Science Fiction

These elements are a surprise. Some later works will focus the genre at its center. As for the character I currently have set to explore these elements in depth, let’s just say she has read the Hitchhiker’s Guide extensively. That won’t stop her story from being any less dark, but there will be humor.

Hopefully, you will find humor in all of my works, despite the dark happenings. Perhaps this humor is subjective. Perhaps I’ll have you throwing books away in disgust (clinging to them, immersed in that same disgust, would be preferable) as I laugh to myself about a dark joke that ended up being a tad more dark than joke.

Am I Crazy?

Probably. But the real reason I pose the question is, you may have noticed, I already suppose there being novels beyond my first (and even it is still in the works).

I assure you, while ambitious, I have very real intent to make those stories a reality. I have hundreds of characters and settings that I have detailed over the course of fifteen years or so. Now, having myself overflowing with stories to tell, I am dead set to the task of having them put into form for you.

I hope to have the first, a short story, ready for you soon. Admittedly, it may not be so full of the darker elements as it is set to publish in an anthology more suited towards a young adult audience. However, it will serve as precursor to my first novel and I will announce more as more information is available.

That being said, I want to bring you stories as quickly as is possible, so I will consider the possibility of putting forth another of my short stories. One not suited towards the anthology’s target audience.