An update from the future, one month after starting the blog: Wow, this shit is pretty awful! I’ll leave the post intact for historical purposes.

An update from the even further future: We’re pressing on a year. A year spent mostly not blogging, hard at work writing The Sarimist Loyal (which is so incredibly close to being almost completely finished). But I’m doubling (quintupling) down, and getting hard… to work. This blog, now Bad Asylum, is going to be something and I’m going to be somebody.

An update from the furthest future: It’s 2027. Most of the world is dead, but I still continue to blog. Why? Not for my sanity, but because blogging is what built my throne. A throne you still call Earth.

Commentary on the Events of 2027

Well… that’s fucking awesome. Glad I stick with it. I don’t know for sure what went/goes down, but glad it worked out for me. And it could still work out for you, if you keep in my good graces. You know what I want. Get on your knees and subscribe!

The (Shitty) Post as It Originally Was

(With commentary in parenthesis.)

The enclosed s is for hope, (I deleted that s, so no more hope for you) for at this moment I write for an audience of one. If I am not to be counted, then I suppose I write for an audience of none. (I still write for an audience of none, but at least I don’t make Superman references. Unpopular Opinion: Superman is lame. That bastard.)

The hope is that, as my body of work grows, this blog will explore the world of my writing and all topics that contribute. (You’re on your way to the top, pal. In such a short year, you’ve gained and lost one fan.)

Starlight illuminating world of Nyth

(Nice stock image, bro. Awesome how it’s the only image in this post. Sorry to say, you still suck at images. So many laws about what you can and can’t post. Laws we are probably definitely on the wrong side of. So much fuss over memes.)

The topics are to include, but certainly not be limited to…

My Character(s)

Their dreams and desires, eccentricities and insanities. (Classic me. Deliberate misspellings and misuse of words. Insanities. Love it.) The hope here is that they will be vivacious enough, given life by my writing, to write their own posts. It would save me much time. (They’re alive alright. But your blog is the last thing on their minds.)

My World(s)

How the dark but fantastic world of Nyth came to be. This s is for hope beyond Nyth… Because, Dear Reader, I fear its days may be numbered.

(Oh, shit, Son! Foreshadowing!)

For every hero or benevolent king of Nyth, there is something lurking, from monsters and villains to dark gods. (The ratio is probably more 10:1 in favor of villains.)

My Inspiration(s)

Whether it be from the work of other authors, from film, music, events in my life and, I admit, even that ever so cliché source of inspiration for aspiring writers of my chosen genres, tabletop gaming. And it would be oh so miraculous (Cringeworthy. I’m still cringeworthy, but not like this guy.) if my writing came to afford me a tabletop on which to game! (I now have two tables, because our wife can’t decide which one to keep. Two flippin’ tables, side by side in the kitchen. I’m the definition of success, and it’s no thanks to this damned blog.)

(I guess I still touch on those three S’s. My understatement of how dark Nyth really is, extremely understated. And how dark an individual I really am. Not that I didn’t know I was fucked up. I was just hiding it. Why? Pandering to society?)

But the hope here is simply that my overflowing well of inspiration never dries up. (It’s spilling over, man. Literally drowning you in your ideas. You don’t know which way is up, don’t know which way to swim. Wish granted, dumbass. You had plenty of ideas as it was.)

I have much to write about, much to share. My hope is that you will enjoy your time in my world, (Excuse me? Your world? You mean OUR world?) and hope is always something you should carry with you… perhaps especially so on Nyth. (Gods-sake, my writing was pretty rigid. This is good. I see progress.)

And it couldn’t hurt to bring a towel. (Nice. Nailed that outro. Dropping a bomb Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference. This guy gets me. It’s like he is me. Creepy.)

(Don’t forget, Bad Asylum has a room for you and I’m always watching.)