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So You Want to Be a Serial Killer

My Sweet, Lovely Readers,

I was reading up on blogging, because, let’s face it. I don’t have a clue what the hell I’m doing. I happened upon a blog post titled Write Killer Content to bring people to your blog or something or other.

It was an excellent article. I admit, I didn’t read it… but I think I’m smart enough to know where it was going with a title like that. So here you go, killer content.

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Di(c)e Please, The Man with the Pipe Pt. 2

It’s another one of those nights. If you haven’t read part one, you can do so here.

First official Di(c)e Please, second part of the story. Let’s get it on. (On with it. He meant “Let’s get on with it.”)

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D20 Reasons Why Writing with Kids Is Hard

Dear Readers,

I’m gonna give this a go. Lists of reasons for things. I like lists.

I’ll start by rolling a twenty-sided die, because I’m a nerd. Then I’ll write up that many reasons for the chosen topic.

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Writing Faux-Pas

Dear Readers, where do I begin?

Let’s start with the new name for my Tales from the Tabletop section! I decided that the previous names I suggested for replacement would leave me in competition with an industry I have no hope of overcoming.

A quick search revealed that pornography has firm real estate within the realm of tabletops, as far as fucking is concerned.

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Inspiration, Infringement, Embarassment, News

Dear Readers,

At least I think “Readers” should still be plural. I’m pretty sure my wife is still reading. Oh well, I’m future proofing.

Anyways, my wife and I were talking on the way back from aforementioned meeting. She said to me, voice dripping with envy to a degree I’m definitely not exaggerating, “Inspiration doesn’t strike me as easily as it does you.”

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The Man with the Pipe

I’ve been wanting to put up some sort of story, but I’m a bit paranoid about spoiling anything in my actual novel. Most of my stories aren’t so goofy, but it’s two in the morning and I spent a good bit of the day reminiscing over ridiculous adventures with old friends. So, let us delve into our first…

Tales from the Tabletop

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Banner and Anthology

Dear Readers,

Please notice that the s is missing a parenthesis. I have a following! As it turns out, my wife has been reading my blog. Myself and my wife, that makes plural. Readers.

Aside from overnight fame, I’ve also put up a banner of my main cast for my upcoming novel.

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Censor Ship

Dear Reader(s),

This post ended up being a bit of a ramble with no clear conclusion. I’ll file this under philosophical musings and I/We can go off on it in other directions if philosophy is the tea that a good portion of my future following likes to drink. So, if you were looking for a post that really targeted in on censorship, that Censor Ship has sailed. Give it a read though.

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Anthology Update

So, Dear Reader(s), blogging is harder than I expected. I’m enjoying it though. I suppose what matters more is that my audience enjoys me. So, at the moment I have 100% audience satisfaction. A benefit to being my only reader.

I have tons of ideas for posts but a majority are for after the release of my first novel. So let’s do a behind the scenes.

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What Genre Does Edmund J. Asher Write?

So, Dear Reader(s), what do I write? I’ll answer this (self-posed) question to give prospective readers a better idea of what to expect from my stories.

I currently have myself listed as a writer of fantasy and science fiction but this hardly says anything. My first novel will be (or is so far) more fantasy-centric, science fiction not taking the front and center.

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