I’m Edmund J. Asher.

My dark fantasy novel, The Sarimist Loyal, is in the works.

While you eagerly await (because in my mind you are eagerly awaiting) my book’s emergence from the depths of hell (just what I like to call the editing process), check out my blog.

Wherein I write about my experience as a fledgling author and give advice I’m not qualified to give. Sometimes there’s real talk about topics near and dear to me. Mental health, for example.

Mostly I rant/joke inappropriately about whatever I like. Such as books, writing, movies, music, D&D, whatever.

Fair warning, safe for work only applies to my blog if you’re working from home. Or if your boss doesn’t have a stick up his…

So, if you seek entertainment (and are easily entertained) then enter. Also enter if you’d like to know where your boss can stick it.

Posts go up Monday through Friday.

Unless they don’t.